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Does Fastener Quality Influence The Longevity Of Your Garage Door?

As a homeowner, one of the goals you might have is to reduce the cost of maintaining your home in good condition. This is especially so in this age when finances for most people are tight. There are many ways of achieving this, one of which is making sure that every aspect of the home is designed to be long lasting. This way, you will have to spend much less on maintenance or repair of such structures.

A prime example of this is the garage door. This is a door that you will use practically every day, and for this reason it will be subjected to a lot of wear and tear. Making sure that you design it to be long lasting from the outset will reduce the risk of it becoming worn out in a short time. There are many factors that will influence this and which you can manipulate, one of which is fastener quality.

Size matters

good fasteners needed for garage doors

When choosing fasteners for the garage door, you should make sure that the correct size is used. This will affect the load bearing capacity of the fasteners. When you use fasteners that are far too small for this application, they are likely to shear under the weight of the door particularly if you use only a few of them. When determining the size of the fasteners, you also need to account for any flushness that you need.

Depending on where the fastener is placed, having it protrude too far out is likely to result in obstruction of the door, and this in turn means that one of the components of the garage door will become damaged with time. For instance, if the fastener has to scratch against the wall each time the door opens or closes, this could damage the wall as well as the part of the door that is subjected to the excess pressure. When shopping for steel socket head cap screws or any other fasteners, always make sure they are of the correct size.

The location of the fasteners

When fastening a garage door, you also need to pay attention to some of the critical areas. For instance, if a part of the door is likely to be subjected to a lot of force, you would be better off making sure that this part of the door is properly fastened as necessary. In addition to that, you can also choose to use fasteners that are designed to take on the excess weight, such as Inconel socket set screws.

The best way to ensure that you use fasteners correctly to prolong the life of the door is to follow the instructions of the manufacturer during installation. This is particularly useful if the door has been made by a company that has done enough research and development on such doors. In such cases, they are likely to have tested the doors thoroughly, and found the right combinations of fasteners to guarantee longevity.


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