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What is a custom Fastener?

This is a fastener that is a non-standard and not readily available for customers application or production in a timely manner.

When Do You Need a Custom Fastener?

A custom fastener is needed when engineering specifications requires a fastener to function in an application that is not an industry standard. It might be required due to a special length, tolerances regarding length or body diameter. Other situations and applications may require special material due to strength requirements or corrosive situations. In many of these situations the customers engineering department will provide a CAD drawing showing all aspects of the fastener required for the company's production.

What can Custom Fasteners be made of?

Specials can be made with any material used in a normal fastener. Melfast has a dedicated machine shop to create your special to exactly the specifications you need.

Quality and service is the name of our game. Actually, it’s Melone.

Trusted customer service and expert knowledge is more than just our expertise, it’s the way we run the family business. We’ve been distributing high quality fasteners and hardware for over 35 years with multiple generations carrying the torch.

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