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How To Choose Ideal Fasteners For Valve Applications

All types of fasteners are used in numerous industries throughout the world. But with all of the fasteners to choose from, how do you know which to use? There are specific fasteners for valve applications. But there's more to it than just that. One of the most important considerations is to choose the proper fastener alloy – particularly if you're working with chemical process equipment or valves that will include long-term operation.
by Larry Melone President

What You Need to Know About Railroad Fasteners

There are few people in the world today who haven't seen a train rumbling down the tracks. Even with trains that are on the "small" side, imagine the stress that railroad components must be exposed to every single day! Add to that the fact they are also constantly exposed to the elements. That means rain, the hot, glaring sun, snow, ice, and more. The integrity of railroad fasteners must be as reliable and indestructible as possible.
by Larry Melone President

What Kind Of Fasteners Are Needed For Solar Panel Installations?

How do solar panels work? They allow particles of light (photons) to help break electrons loose from atoms. That is, of course, overly simplified. Photovoltaic cells are small units that assist in this process. They generate the flow of electricity and heat.
by Larry Melone President
Melfast helped finish our project by showing us the unique and custom sizes that were appropriate for our industry.
Jackson Walker
President, Efficency Systems Co, Inc
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