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Should You Consider Thread Repair For Your Fasteners?

There are many industries in which you will need to use fasteners in large quantities. Typical examples of this include when you assemble equipment such as car engines and in the construction industry. In such cases, you need to be smart with how you work with your fasteners, since this will determine both the cost and ease with which you achieve your goals. There are many factors you often need to take into account to this end. One of these would be thinking about whether to repair your fastener threads or not.

The problem

When you have to work with a large number of fasteners, you will often find that you will also end up having a high rate of damage to the same. This usually occurs due to various issues including errors in manufacturing, damage during transport and damage during use. Sometimes, the number of fasteners whose threads are damaged is high, and this in turn means that you could end up wasting a lot of money. Thread repair is one way to handle this. There are various firms that offer this service, and you can also consider investing in machines that you can use for the same.

Factors to consider when doing thread repair

Thread repair is therefore a very good way to recycle damaged fasteners, and to also cut down on costs. However, before doing it, you need to consider the relative benefit you will get from it. For instance, if you have an aluminum carriage bolt or Inconel hex lag bolt that has an extensively damaged thread and a cracked shaft, it may not be wise to repair it. You need to examine the fasteners in totality, in order to come up with ideal criteria that you can use to determine whether to repair them or not.

Thread Repair for fasteners

Maintaining quality

Well, doing this will ensure that each fastener you repair will stay high quality without replacing them. Of course, there are other things you could do to achieve the same. This includes using quality techniques and machinery to do the repair. If you have to use a third party firm to get the job done, it would be wise to do a background check on them first to figure out if they can truly deliver. Remember, if you work with a large number of fasteners, you will keep sending a lot of business to them. Sorting the issue of quality as early as possible will make your interaction with them less stressful.

In summary, thread repair is an excellent way for you to ensure that you end up not wasting too many fasteners when you have to work with a large number of them. Doing this will not only save you money, but also has the potential to be environmentally friendly since you will essentially be recycling the damaged fasteners. The fact that an increasing number of firms are now interested in such repairs means that it’s likely to be easy for you to get the service.  All in all, deciding to take advantage of fastener thread repair is a decision you are unlikely to regret.


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