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Warm weather brings May flowers, swapping out winter sweaters for short sleeves… and infrastructure upgrades. This time of year means it’s time to tackle those road, bridge and tunnel projects that have been quietly hibernating under layers of snow and ice.

And a big part of this springtime upgrade: fasteners. Specifically, choosing the right ones to face the challenge of these upgrades.

Here are examples of annual infrastructure springtime makeovers.

Road Renewal

After months of battling icy roads, construction crews emerge with a mission to fix pothole-riddled streets and revamp highways. Problem is, as they dig into the thawing ground, they’re met with softer soil and moisture levels high enough to rival a rainforest. This impacts the stability and load-bearing capacity of the roadbed. Adjustments in the selection and installation of fasteners ensure proper anchoring and stability of road infrastructure components. Plus, fasteners for guardrails to signage and pavement markers keep roads safe.

Built To Last

Warmer weather and outdoor activities also make spring a good time to start building or repair outdoor structures such as decks, patios and fences. Once again, fasteners play a crucial role in assembling all of these constructions. The right fasteners enable structures to stand firm against the elements, including wind, rain and temperature fluctuations. For these reasons, stainless steel or galvanized fasteners are often preferred for outdoor applications. Their corrosion resistance properties make them invaluable for longevity and durability.

Roof Proof

Remember that winter storm that looked beautiful but kept you stuck inside? It may have been secretly damaging your roof, making leaks more likely. Fasteners are crucial for securing roofing materials such as shingles, flashing and gutters. Extending the life of a roof requires high-quality fasteners with proper sealing mechanisms to help protect against water infiltration.

Tunnel Trouble

Tunnels, with their dark and often damp interiors, present their own set of challenges during springtime makeovers. As temperatures rise, workers and equipment must deal with rising heat and humidity levels. You need fasteners that can withstand these conditions without losing their integrity. To add an even greater challenge, the thawing ground outside the tunnel increases the risk of water infiltration and groundwater seepage into the tunnel structure. Watertight fasteners and sealants to prevent corrosion and ensure the safety of tunnel users are invaluable.

Sink or Swim

For boat owners and water sport enthusiasts, spring marks the beginning of the boating season. Before jumping in the water, however, you’ll need to consider repairs and maintenance. Fasteners are essential for assembling and repairing boats, securing fittings and reinforcing marine structures. This calls for marine-grade fasteners to ensure safety and longevity of your boats and marine equipment. They are designed to withstand exposure to saltwater and harsh marine environments.

The vital role of fasteners in the success and safety of infrastructure upgrades is as clear as the sunny days ahead.

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Larry Melone
By Larry Melone

Started my career in the fastener world in 1969 at, Parker Kalon Corp. a NJ based screw manufacturer located in Clifton, NJ working in inventory control, scheduling secondary production and concluding there in purchasing. In 1971 I accepted a sales position at Star Stainless Screw Co., Totowa, NJ working in inside sales and later as an outside salesman, having a successful career at Star I had the desire with a friend to start our own fastener distribution company in 1980 named: Divspec, Kenilworth, NJ. This was a successful adventure but ended in 1985 with me starting Melfast in August 1985 and have stayed competitive and successful to date. Melfast serves the OEM market with approximately 400 accounts nationally.

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