Rackmount Manufacturers

Melfast distributor has served the rackmount industry since 1985. We offer a full line of rackmount fasteners in the materials diaplayed below, shipped daily, to meet all your manufacturing requirements. Contact one of our fastener sales representatives online or over the phone to learn more.

Rackmount manufacturing continues to grow, as mobile computing expands and our world continues to rely on the cloud. Melfast provides a wide range of durable, high quality fasteners for rackmount manufacturers, available in various dimensions, designs and platings.

A full line of cage nuts, pan rack screws, torx screws, nylon washers and hex head cap screws are available in our warehouse for fast shipping. Inquire about custom orders and custom packaging for your application. Our experienced staff offers expert advice and a vast selection designed for the rackmount manufacturing industry. 

Ask about our same day shipping and special bulk discounts. After 25 years in the fastener distributor business, we remain committed to supporting rackmount manufacturers across North America.

A full line of Rackmount Manufacturers are ready to ship on a daily basis to meet all your manufacturing requirements.