Outdoor Lighting

Since 1985, Melfast has been a premiere fastener and hardware distributor, including custom orders. We stock serated flanges, nuts, bolts, chains, and more, and can deliver it anywhere in the United States thanks to some of the best logistics in the industry/ We are your one stop shop for lighting fasteners.

Outdoor lighting is a fast growing industry and requires a wide range of fasteners to hold the panels, clusters and other lighting equipment in place. Outdoor lighting requires the lighting panels to withstand harsh weather conditions, withstand rains, storms and heat and to be safe for users. At Melfast, we understand the basic needs of the Outdoor Lighting industry and have a complete product portfolio that caters to fastening needs of this industry.

From serrated Flange nuts to cage nuts, we manufacture and supply all the nuts, bolts, chains and other fasteners that find use in the outdoor lighting industry. Melfast is your one-stop shop for outdoor lighting fastener needs.

Apart from a great product portfolio, Melfast also has one of the best logistics in the country. We can supply anywhere in the United States (and across some international borders) in no time. You can also try out our

A full line of Outdoor Lighting are ready to ship on a daily basis to meet all your manufacturing requirements.