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Mining Equipment

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Melfast’s Approach to Mining Equipment

Melfast offers a full line of pump fastener supplies, standard bolting, and customized bolting made to order as per customer specifications regardless of quantity, material, or plating. We have what you need for crushing, mining, exploration, and excavation in order to safely meet the demands of the mining industry.

Mining equipment requires rugged, lasting and effective fasteners. The fasteners need to be dependable, not only because mining involves working in extreme condition, but also because malfunctioning mining equipment can put a lot of lives in danger. At Melfast, we understand the specific needs of the mining industry and manufacture fasteners that cater specifically to the needs and demands of the mining industry.

We supply washers (Bevel Washer), bolts, nuts and screws that are employed vastly in mining equipment. So, the next time you need to order that spanking new set of carriage bolts, or a center lock nut- you know who to call. At Melfast, we ensure that our products meet the highest standard of quality and can withstand challenging working conditions.

You can choose from a wide range of delivery options (including same day shipping). Melfast not only offers the best price in the market, but we also offer the best bulk-discount that you can come across. Reach out to us to know more about bulk deals, shipping options, delivery options and stock and release plans.

A full line of Mining Equipment are ready to ship on a daily basis to meet all your manufacturing requirements.

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