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Melfast’s Approach to Electronics

Melfast has a complete range of fasteners made to meet the needs of electronic manufacturing. Melfast has been supplying fasteners to various industries for nearly 30 years. Our expansive portfolio includes pilot hex bolts, cap screws, and much more in a variety of materials.

Melfast has a complete range of fasteners to cater to the needs of the electronic manufacturing industry. We have fine/micro fasteners to regular sized fasteners available in standard metric units. Electronics industry requires a highly specific set of fasteners and Melfast has been one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of all the fasteners that are usually needed for electronic gadgets.

Our product portfolio ranges from pilot hex bolts and drilled hex bolts to head cap screws, center lock nuts, cup washers and cage nuts. We have other bolts and clamps also to cater to the specific needs of the electronics industry. We manufacture these fasteners in "best-in-class" facilities and these conform to the best manufacturing standards.

You can avail the same day shipping from us and also get discounts on bulk and wholesale orders. Melfast endures to keep your business going uninterrupted and we ensure the best service in terms of quality, costs and delivery timelines.

A full line of Electronics are ready to ship on a daily basis to meet all your manufacturing requirements.

Popular Products

  • Carriage Bolt
    Carriage Bolt
  • Cage Nut
    Cage Nut
  • Drilled Hex Bolt
    Drilled Hex Bolt
  • Finish Cup Washer / Countersunk Washer
    Finish Cup Washer / Countersunk Washer
  • Pilot Hex Bolt
    Pilot Hex Bolt
  • Center Lock Nut
    Center Lock Nut