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Desalinization Equipment

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Melfast’s Approach to Desalinization Equipment

Desalinization plants produce saltwater into potable drinking water throughout the world where there is no clean water to drink. The process removes in this process salt from the oceans of the world to supply a never-ending supply of drinkable water to the local inhabitants. In these operations type 316 Stainless Steel is typically utilized since it contains a higher level of nickel, the key ingredient in warding off corrosion.

Popular Products

  • Split Lock Washer
    Split Lock Washer
  • Full Thread Studs
    Full Thread Studs
  • Threaded Rod
    Threaded Rod
  • Chain
  • Phillip Pan Type A Sheet Metal Screw
    Phillip Pan Type A Sheet Metal Screw
  • Bevel Washer
    Bevel Washer
  • Cap Nut
    Cap Nut
  • Carriage Bolt
    Carriage Bolt
  • Slotted Hex Nut
    Slotted Hex Nut
  • Wedge Anchor
    Wedge Anchor
  • Serrated Flange Nut
    Serrated Flange Nut
  • U-bolt
  • Wing Nut
    Wing Nut
  • 4-Prong Nut
    4-Prong Nut
  • Square Head Bolt
    Square Head Bolt
  • Spring Roll Pin
    Spring Roll Pin
  • Clevis Pin
    Clevis Pin
  • Cotter Pin
    Cotter Pin
  • Dowel Pin
    Dowel Pin
  • Double Ended Stud / Special Stud
    Double Ended Stud / Special Stud
  • Elevator Bolt
    Elevator Bolt
  • External Tooth Lock Washer
    External Tooth Lock Washer
  • Eye Bolt
    Eye Bolt
  • Hex Lag Bolt
    Hex Lag Bolt
  • Nylon Insert Lock Nut
    Nylon Insert Lock Nut
  • Internal Tooth Lock Washer
    Internal Tooth Lock Washer
  • Kep Nut
    Kep Nut
  • Hex Nut
    Hex Nut

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