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Conveyor Systems & Dry-Cleaning

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Melfast’s Approach to Conveyor Systems & Dry-Cleaning

Melfast has been a leader in the fastener distribution industry since 1985. We provide fasteners for conveyor systems for the servicing dry-cleaning, food, bottling, textile, construction, retail industries in a variety of materials, and measurements.

Melfast has been in the business of manufacturing and supplying fasteners to the Conveyor systems & dry cleaning industries since the 1980s. We have vast experience and expertise in making available the fasteners that are essential for the success of these industries.

Conveyors & dry cleaning industries require specific fasteners like the carriage bolt, center lock nut, eye bolt, quick link, EMT clamp and other generic fasteners spanning categories like nuts, bolts, washers, clamps and chains. We, at Melfast, understand your specific needs and manufacture the fasteners in a way that improves efficiency and longevity of your machinery.

Available in standard metric dimensions, we offer fasteners across the United States. You can choose from a variety of delivery and payment options. We also offer same day shipping and stock and release options. We also provide the best bundled discounts in the market. On top of this, you can choose custom packaging and ask us for customizing your fasteners to suit the specific needs of your business.

A full line of Conveyor Systems & Dry-Cleaning are ready to ship on a daily basis to meet all your manufacturing requirements.

Popular Products

  • Twin Series Pipe Clamps
    Twin Series Pipe Clamps
  • Dynamic Mount Hanger
    Dynamic Mount Hanger
  • Heavy Series Pipe Clamps
    Heavy Series Pipe Clamps
  • Rigid Mount Hanger
    Rigid Mount Hanger
  • Rigid Threaded Mount Hanger
    Rigid Threaded Mount Hanger
  • Saddle Series Pipe Clamps
    Saddle Series Pipe Clamps
  • Tapered Guides
    Tapered Guides
  • Weld Plate Mount Support
    Weld Plate Mount Support
  • Cushioned Clamping System
    Cushioned Clamping System
  • Heavy-4 Series Pipe Clamps
    Heavy-4 Series Pipe Clamps
  • Phillip Truss Type A Sheet Metal Screw
    Phillip Truss Type A Sheet Metal Screw
  • Bevel Washer
    Bevel Washer
  • Carriage Bolt
    Carriage Bolt
  • Serrated Flange Nut
    Serrated Flange Nut
  • U-bolt
  • Drilled Hex Bolt
    Drilled Hex Bolt
  • EMT Clamp
    EMT Clamp
  • Eye Bolt
    Eye Bolt
  • Hex Tap Bolt
    Hex Tap Bolt
  • Center Lock Nut
    Center Lock Nut