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Bulkheads & Retaining Walls

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Melfast’s Approach to Bulkheads & Retaining Walls

Melfast supplies heavy duty fasteners for bulkheads and retaining walls. With supplies like bevel hooks, line bolts, and neoprene cement, we have a portfolio of products, in a range of materials and coatings, catered to this industry's needs.

Bulk heads and retaining walls require highly dependable and heavy-duty fasteners to help them stay in place. Melfast acknowledges the need of special heavy-duty fasteners for this particular industry and we have specially designed fasteners suited to the specific needs of this industry.

We have a strong product portfolio that enables fastening of bulk heads and retaining walls. From Bevel washers, center nuts, hooks and clamps to fasteners like line bolts, eye bolts and neoprene cement, our product portfolio caters to all possible needs of this industry.

We ensure that our fasteners are manufactured to the best industrial standards and lend longevity and sustenance to your retaining walls and bulk heads. At Melfast, you also get the best bang for your buck, given that we offer the best-in-class fasteners at wholesale prices. You will also be pleasantly surprised with our delivery options and turnaround time. You also have the option of "Same day" delivery and the popular stock and forward option for inventory maintenance.

A full line of Bulkheads & Retaining Walls are ready to ship on a daily basis to meet all your manufacturing requirements.

Popular Products

  • Bevel Washer
    Bevel Washer
  • Carriage Bolt
    Carriage Bolt
  • Serrated Flange Nut
    Serrated Flange Nut
  • U-bolt
  • APOC Neoprene Flashing Cement
    APOC Neoprene Flashing Cement
  • Serr Angle Extrusion
    Serr Angle Extrusion
  • Eye Bolt
    Eye Bolt
  • Hex Tap Bolt
    Hex Tap Bolt
  • Line Bolt
    Line Bolt
  • Center Lock Nut
    Center Lock Nut