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Boat Manufacturers

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Melfast’s Approach to Boat Manufacturers

Melfast fastener distributor has been serving the Boat Manufacturing industry since 1985. We stock standard assembly bolting as well as offering custom bolting, made to order, whatever the quantity, in a variety of non-metalic and metalic materials.

Boat manufacturing requires fasteners to fasten the corners and panels of the boats together. While this may sound like simple work, boat fasteners often come in close contact with saline water, fungus and other natural obstacles. The fasteners not only need to withstand rusting, but also need to hinge on perfectly in presence of algae and waters plantation. At Melfast, we understand these needs and have designed our fasteners to meet the specific needs of the boat manufacturing industry. We have vast experience in supplying to leading boat manufacturers in the country and are well suited to cater to all the fastening needs of the industry.

Our product portfolio includes a wide array of chains, nuts, bolts, screws and custom fasteners that would come in handy for all boat manufacturers. We deliver at your doorstep throughout the United States and we are also capable of providing special services like the "same day delivery" and stock and release of popular items. You can also contact us to know more about bulk discounts and bundled deals.

A full line of Boat Manufacturers are ready to ship on a daily basis to meet all your manufacturing requirements.

Popular Products

  • Hex Head Cap Screw
    Hex Head Cap Screw
  • Phillip Truss Type A Sheet Metal Screw
    Phillip Truss Type A Sheet Metal Screw
  • Bevel Washer
    Bevel Washer
  • Carriage Bolt
    Carriage Bolt
  • Serrated Flange Nut
    Serrated Flange Nut
  • U-bolt
  • Eye Bolt
    Eye Bolt
  • Finish Cup Washer / Countersunk Washer
    Finish Cup Washer / Countersunk Washer
  • Kep Nut
    Kep Nut
  • Center Lock Nut
    Center Lock Nut

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