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Safety Features Of A Flyover Bridge

Having a flyover bridge has many benefits. One of the most important of these is the fact that it makes it easier for pedestrians to cross a particular road with ease. This is very important particularly in very wide or very busy highways, where installing zebra crossings might not make sense, or might put the pedestrians at risk. In such cases, the use of such a bridge will make it easier for people to cross the bridge with ease.

If you are designing one, one of the principal things you need to keep in mind is how safe it will be. Remember, most people will only use such a bridge if it looks safe. If it ends up causing accidents such as by collapsing, this could result in lawsuits against the city that is responsible for it, or the individual who was responsible for designing it in the first place. To avoid this, it’s important to keep in mind the features that such a bridge should have in order to make it as safe as possible. Some of the most important ones include:

It should be able to accommodate a lot of weight

fasteners for flyover bridge construction

When the bridge is being designed, you should keep in mind that it will end up being put under a lot of stress. When people walk over such a bridge, they are likely to exert a lot of weight on it. To figure out how much weight the bridge will be exposed to, you may need to calculate the maximum weight of the people who can occupy the entire bridge at once. You may also need to factor in the weight of the bridge itself. Once you have this figure, you would need to make sure that the design will be such that it can accommodate several times this weight. This might require the use of high strength stainless steel hex head cap screws and Inconel socket head cap screws.

It should be of reasonable height

The other factor that will influence the safety of the bridge is how tall it is. When a flyover bridge is not tall enough, it means that vehicles that are very tall are likely to rub against it, and in some cases this could cause it to collapse. This means that when one is being designed, you should pay attention to the maximum height of vehicles that are allowed to use that road, and then give a reasonable clearance for them.

Wind resistance

In some parts of the world, strong winds have the potential to make tall buildings collapse. If you are designing such a bridge, this is something that you should also keep in mind. It should be made out of a material that can withstand such crosswinds. The material used for the construction of such a bridge should have very good resistance against tension in order to allow this.

These are just some of the safety issues you need to keep in mind when designing such a bridge. Keeping them in mind will make it easier for you to end up with a structure that will provide the best support.


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