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Wall Mounting A TV: Common Mistakes You Need To Avoid

Wall mounting a TV can be one of the best ways of getting the most out of your viewing experience and its role in fitting into your decor. This is particularly important when you are interested in getting a more modern, minimalist design theme for your living room. In such cases, you should consider mounting the TV on the wall. This way, you can reduce the amount of furniture you need to keep the TV upright.

As is the case with many other projects of this kind, there are a number of things you ought to consider when installing a TV in this manner. Many of these are usually obvious, but many people tend to get them wrong for one reason or another. Some of them include:

Improper positioning

Perhaps one of the commonest mistakes people make when mounting TVs is not placing them in the right position. When you are planning on mounting a TV on a wall, you need to remember that it’s likely to be permanent once it’s in place. Taking some time to figure out exactly where it should be is something that you should take seriously, as it will ensure that you don’t have any problems in future.

Some of the factors that you need to consider when positioning the TV include the position where most people would sit, as well as the direction from which natural lighting will be coming from. It’s important to position the screen away from direct sunlight to avoid glare.

Using the wrong fasteners

wall mounting mistakes

In some cases, you will need to decide which fasteners to get for the installation. Some of the commonest of these include aluminum socket head cap screws and Inconel hex head cap screws. The goal is to ensure that you get fasteners that can support the weight of the TV, and which will stay in place within the material you are fastening it to. For instance, if you are going to mount the TV directly on a concrete wall, it would be wise to ensure that the fasteners can stay in place in concrete for a long time. Using screws that have coarse threading would be an excellent way to do it.

Not preparing the wall beforehand

It’s important to prepare the wall before installing the TV. This usually involves doing a short survey of the wall, and ensuring that it’s level and suitable for TV installation. If you are not comfortable doing this, you can always ask a contractor to handle it for you. Other aspects of preparation include putting in place guide holes to ensure that the fasteners will be put in place easily.

The goal of doing all this is to ensure that you don’t damage your wall during the installation. Proper preparation will also ensure that once the TV is in place, the risk of it falling out of place will be minimal.

By avoiding most of these mistakes, you will end up doing TV mounting easily and with excellent results. It may also turn out to be much cheaper for you as well.


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