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Concrete Column Fastening: What Are Your Fastener Options?

Most people usually assume that when installing columns in a home, you don’t need to fasten them in place. However, this is not always the case. Many times, you will need to use fasteners such as steel hex head cap screws and titanium hex nuts to hold the column in place, in addition to using the concrete bracings you might use for it as well. One of the difficulties you are likely to face when in such a position is how to figure out which fastening options you should use. In all such cases, you need to consider various technical issues for your fastener options, including:

The weight of the column

It’s very important that you assess the column to find out how heavy it will be before deciding on which fasteners to use. Remember, the fasteners will be in place to ensure that the concrete column is well supported. When this is not done properly, there is an increased risk of having them shear and break under the sheer weight of the columns. This is particularly so if there is a mismatch between the physical capabilities of the fasteners and the weight of the column. Once you are sure of this, you can then figure out which fasteners to get.

The environmental conditions

What conditions will the column be exposed to? Will the fasteners you have chosen also work well under the conditions the column will be exposed to? For instance, if you are going to use it in the basement, you can be sure that it will be exposed to a higher than average degree of humidity. If you pick fasteners that are not resistant to the same degree, you could end up having a situation where the fasteners corrode and fail to support the columns.

If you are getting columns for your home or office for the first time, this might not be easy for you to determine. One way to go round it is by getting a contractor to handle the evaluation aspect of the project for you.

Empty interior with concrete columns


Most of the time when one decides to use columns during construction, they need it to play an aesthetic role as well as a mechanical one. Of course, the most important factor determining how appealing the column will look is how it’s been designed, and how it matches with the environment it’s placed in. however, the quality of the fasteners can also have an effect as well. If you are keen on getting the most out of the aesthetic appeal of columns, you may need to consider various factors to enhance this. For instance, you should consider having the fasteners concealed if you don’t want them to be seen. If they have to be visible, you can get them in a color and design that will match the design of the column.

In summary, using fasteners to support concrete columns should not be taken for granted. You need to consider all the issues above before you can make a good decision regarding which ones to pick.


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