Modular Building

Melfast is a full line modular building fastener distributor serving the Modular Building industry since,1985 A full line of modular building fasteners in the following materials are ready to ship on a daily basis to meet all your manufacturing requirments.

Melfast has vast experience in manufacturing the entire range of fasteners required in the modular building industry. Modular building requires different "modules" to be fastened together using state of the art fasteners and Melfast has years of experience behind its back to ensure the right fastener for the job.

We have an entire range of pins, washers, screws, bolts, studs, nuts, anchors, links, shackles and cements needed for use in modular building. Modular buildings not only require fasteners that can hold the entire structure together, but modular buildings also require the fasteners and the entire structure to conform to local building rules. Our fasteners are manufactured keeping the best quality standards in mind and keeping in mind the regulatory requirements.

Our fasteners are available in SAE and metric dimensions and we can supply anywhere in the United States in the least possible lead time. You can order for custom shipping, custom packaging and same day shipping. We also have popular stock and release option and we provide the best bulk-discounts in the business.

A full line of Modular Building are ready to ship on a daily basis to meet all your manufacturing requirements.