Marina Docks & Trailers

Melfast fasteners come in a variety of materials, coatings, and platings to withstand whatever conditions they are faced with. We have an entire product line designed specifically for marina docks and trailers, so contact a sales rep online or by phone for all your fastener needs.

Marina Docks and Trailers require fasteners all the time for their regular operations. From fixing panels on the docks to setting up anchors and other equipment, fasteners are the lifeline of this industry. At Melfast, we understand the need for high quality fasteners for this particular industry and we also understand the conditions under which these fasteners would be required to function. Therefore, we have designed a whole product range specifically to cater to the needs to Marina docks and Trailer owners.

Our product portfolio for this industry include flashing cement, clamps, and bolts, Hex-fasteners, washers and nuts. All these products are manufactured in different materials and the customers can choose the materials that best suit the climatic condition of their surroundings. The products are also available in a range of different coatings and platings and can be customized to some extent. We supply these products in standard metrics.

Melfast delivers these fasteners at your doorstep and within the promised timeframe. You can also reach out to us for bulk discounts and wholesale deals.

A full line of Marina Docks & Trailers are ready to ship on a daily basis to meet all your manufacturing requirements.