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Read our blogs about all kinds of fasteners for your business. Our blogs on washers, bolts and screws, gaskets have helped our customers make the right decision when choosing fasteners for their business and industry. We know there are lots of options out there, so let us share our knowledge with you.

Nuts and Bolts are Just Simple Machines

Without machines we would not have many of the things in our world that we have come to rely on.  We would not have computers ...
by Jennifer Melone Purchasing Mgr. - Sales

Nuts and Bolts are Important Fasteners for Any Project

Nuts and bolts go together and without both of them you cannot produce strong equipment.  They are designed to work so that they strengthen whatever ...
by Larry Melone President

Liberate Your Home with Alternative Energy Sources

Although many home owners are seeking out alternative energy sources in order to make their homes earth friendly there are other reasons to use them, ...
by Jennifer Melone Purchasing Mgr. - Sales

Fasteners are Unique and Have Purpose

If you look around you will see that Building Fasteners, Line Fasteners, Marine Fasteners and other types of fasteners are used in many things that ...
by Larry Melone President
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Fasteners are Part of Your Everyday Life

Nuts and bolts are holding your world together – did you know that?  Vehicles have engines that are held together by nuts and bolts.  Your ...
by Jennifer Melone Purchasing Mgr. - Sales

5 Tips to Make Ordering Bolts Easier

When you have to order Heavy Hex Bolts or another type of bolt but do not have the correct information available to ensure that you ...
by Larry Melone President

Melfast Website

Melfast Inc. is excited to unveil it's brand new website. The new site marks a move toward embracing technology at Melfast. The highlights of the ...
by Jennifer Melone Purchasing Mgr. - Sales

25th Anniversary

August 2010 marked 25 years that Melfast has been in business... Melfast 25th Anniversary - Family Shot Melfast 25th Anniversary ...
by Jennifer Melone Purchasing Mgr. - Sales

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