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  • Motorbike Restoration: How To Find Rare Fasteners

    Motorbike restoration is a fun activity for those who are interested in bikes, as well as people who simply love mechanical engineering. If you are one of these, one of the challenges you might face is how to find the ideal fasteners for a particular bike restoration. This is particularly important if you are trying to restore a very old bike which has some special quality to it, such as being a limited edition. In such cases, the fact that there are so few samples available means that you may find it difficult to find fasteners and other spares for the bike. This might sound like a major setback in terms of the restoration, but there are several things you can do to find the rare fasteners. Some of these include:

  • Can Fasteners Be A Cause Of Structural Failure Leading To Plane Crashes?

    Air travel has become one of the most popular forms of transport in many parts of the world owing to its speed and convenience. In fact, many airlines have noted an increase in passenger numbers over the past decade, and this is likely to increase in coming times. With this in mind, one of the things that many manufacturers and regulators are keen to avoid is the expected proportional increase in plane crashes.

    Though air traffic is statistically one of the safest modes of transport, any crash is usually associated with a very high chance of mortality for passengers and crew. To this end, the causes of such crashes are usually thoroughly investigated, and measures put in place to ensure that they never cause accidents again. One of the major issues that contribute to this is fasteners which cause structural failure of the various components of a plane, leading to a crash.

  • Does Fastener Quality Influence The Longevity Of Your Garage Door?

    As a homeowner, one of the goals you might have is to reduce the cost of maintaining your home in good condition. This is especially so in this age when finances for most people are tight. There are many ways of achieving this, one of which is making sure that every aspect of the home is designed to be long lasting. This way, you will have to spend much less on maintenance or repair of such structures.

    A prime example of this is the garage door. This is a door that you will use practically every day, and for this reason it will be subjected to a lot of wear and tear. Making sure that you design it to be long lasting from the outset will reduce the risk of it becoming worn out in a short time. There are many factors that will influence this and which you can manipulate, one of which is fastener quality.

  • Fasteners: What You Should Consider Before Doing A Car Engine Swap

    A car engine swap is one of the most common repair and maintenance services done on cars, particularly those that are very old. When not done properly, such a process can be very frustrating both in the long and short term. For instance, if you are not prepared with the correct equipment, you may find the engine swap to be a long and arduous process, and you may even end up losing the engine due to improper handling. In addition to that, improper placement of the fasteners is also likely to lead to long term maintenance issues such as frequent breakdowns. This calls for a focused approach towards doing such a swap, particularly during the planning phase.

  • Make Your Kitchen Cabinets More Durable Using These Installation Tips

    When building a kitchen or renovating an existing one, most people pay attention to the types of kitchen cabinets they have in place. In addition to being excellent storage places, the cabinets also play a huge role in determining the aesthetics of the kitchen. This means that when they are installed properly, they are likely to result in a kitchen that will not only be easy to use, but also very pleasing to look at as well.

    One of the things you may be interested in when fitting the cabinets is how to make sure that they will last long. There are many factors that will influence this, and addressing as many of them as possible will ensure that they last long. Some of the installation tips you should keep in mind to increase the durability of the cabinets include:

  • What Do You Have To Check When It Comes To Boat Engine Maintenance?

    If you happen to own a boat, chances are that it’s one of the most expensive possessions you have. Whether you use it regularly or not, it therefore makes a lot of sense for you to ensure that you facilitate proper boat engine maintenance to reduce the risk of it losing value. There are many steps you need to take when doing this, but one of the most important is to maintain the engine properly. This is the heart of any boat, and any unaddressed problems with the engine are likely to not only expensive but also very difficult to fix in the long run. Proper maintenance will reduce this cost while at the same time making it easier to fix. During the maintenance of the engine, there are specific things you need to look out for. Some of these include:

  • Bolts And Nuts: Helping Road Signs Last Longer

    Road signs are easy to take for granted, but they are some of the most important elements of any highway. If you are in charge of the civil engineering in any part of the world, it therefore makes sense for you to try and do as much as you can to ensure that they help motorists without being too costly to maintain.

  • What Are Set Screws?

    When you are interested in using fasteners, you may come across some that you may not be very familiar with. Most of the time, these turn out to be highly specialized fasteners that are designed to perform a specific function, and which are usually sold by a limited number of high quality vendors. However, just because they are not very commonly used does not mean that you should not know anything about them.

    If you are in an industry where you use a large number of fasteners, it would be a good idea to know something about some of these rare fasteners, since you may find out that you actually need them to improve the quality of your products. One of such fasteners is the set screw.

  • How You Can Spot And Avoid Counterfeit Fasteners

    When you run a facility where you might need to use a large number of fasteners, one of the problems you might run into is how to make sure that the cost of getting such fasteners is reduced. There are many options you can try out, including working with different contractors to find out which one offers more value for money as well as negotiating with them and even buying online.

    However, in your quest to get low cost fasteners, you may end up being enticed by ones that are counterfeit. The market is currently flooded with a large number of counterfeit fasteners which are very cheap but which offer little to no quality at all. To ensure that you don’t waste money, you may need to acquire a few basic skills that you can use to identify the counterfeit ones. Some of these include:

  • How To Use Fasteners To Minimize Drag In Aircraft

    One of the goals of any aircraft design methods is to reduce the overall drag in aircraft as much as possible as that affects the plane. When a plane has too much drag, it tends to need more fuel to move at a specific speed. This has adverse effects on many aspects of flying it, including increasing the amount of fuel it needs to carry, limiting its top speed and even making it more expensive to fly. In addition to that, too much drag will also result in more environmental damage, something that many manufacturers are trying to avoid as much as possible.

    Making sure that a plane design has as little drag as possible should therefore be a main goal of any aircraft designer. To do this, however, one would need to understand the many things that cause drag, and then sort them out one by one. One of the most important of these is the way in which fasteners are used in the design. To ensure that drag is minimized, some of the tips one can use to reduce drag include:

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