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  • Understanding The Use Of Fasteners On 3D Printed Parts

    A 3D printed design for a large configuration requires proper fastening of the smaller components forming an assembled structure that is basically used as a hardware prototype.  There are a few different ways of fastening the pieces and it’s important to understand the use of suitable fasteners on 3D printed parts.

  • How You Can Save Money On Aircraft Nuts And Bolts

    There are various kinds of fasteners available for application in numerous industries and they differ in dimension, durability, robustness, pull-out strength, shear-capacity, corrosion-resistance and many other factors that go into manufacturing a certain type of fastener for particular equipment. Speaking of which, the aviation industry utilizes parts that meet the safety standards recommended by the relevant body, and in order to fit those parts firmly to tolerate a huge amount of stress, the fasteners such as aircraft nuts and bolts play the vital role.

  • Good Habits That Will Make Stainless Steel Fasteners Last Longer

    Stainless steel fasteners may be an economically apt option that offer outstanding anti-corrosion properties, but that doesn’t mean they are not going to corrode or cost you anything extra in the long run.  Improper habits employed by casual operators can sometimes break down a properly-maintained framework. You need to educate the employees with good habits that preserve long-lasting characteristics of the stainless steel fasteners.

  • Fastener Recycling Options You Can Explore

    An astonishing amount of metallic waste is created by the industries in the form of fasteners. The household wastes also do not help the cause. It’s our prime responsibility to exert a positive impact on the environment by reusing and recycling anything that poses threat, let alone be the fasteners. Landfill disposal is not the ideal solution for toxic materials, and there’s a need to have proper fastener recycling practices in action; some of which are listed below.

  • Are You Constantly Experiencing Loose Screws?

    Repair services are less called for, if maintenance of any sort of equipment is done on a routine basis with a simply outlined procedural approach that keeps a check on small things such as loosening of screws and other fasteners that hold the structure firmly. Not only does it save cost on future repairs, but also ensure there is no long term damage taking place. So if you have been frequently experiencing loose screws in the recent past, you should know the actual reasons behind it!

  • Tips On Heat Treating Fasteners

    The heat treatment process employs cooling and heating operations applied on alloys or metals in the solid state of matter. Fasteners are subjected to application of heat in order to achieve desired alteration in rigidity, smoothness, malleability and material strength.  The microstructure of the metal parts is altered by the process of annealing to ease off the manufacturing operation.

    In this process, the three most common types of furnaces used are: rotary, batch and continuous mesh-belt. Such an operation involves huge investment of energy and cost. Hence, it’s sensible to keep a few points in mind when heat treating fasteners.

  • Benefits Of Metric Fasteners Over Imperial Ones

    When you are interested in buying fasteners for any reason, one of the things you may need to consider is whether to get the metric ones or the imperial ones. In a nutshell, whether you get the metric or imperial fasteners is simply a matter of preference. The imperial fasteners are those whose dimensions are measured using imperial units of measurement, and the metric ones are those that are measured using the metric units.

    On the surface, which type of measuring unit you choose to use may not seem like a big deal. However, there are many times when it will have an influence in how you operate, and this will in turn have an effect on how much time and money you spend on a project. It is therefore something that you need to critically think about, particularly if you are starting a large or long term project. Most people now prefer using metric fasteners, which are usually size using centimeters and millimeters. Some of the main benefits of this include:

  • Most Commonly Used Nut Styles

    When you need to use fasteners such as Inconel hex nuts and nitronic 50 flat washers, the last thing you should get wrong is the type of fastener you end up getting. Many people end up making a mistake when it comes to this simply because they do not correlate the products they are buying to the task they want to use them for. It is very important for you to first figure out the application for which you will be using the fasteners, and then getting a fastener type that will suit it and not the other way round.

    When you go shopping for fasteners such as bolts and nuts, you will always find that there are many different types available for your needs. When you have in mind the types of applications you want to use them for, it becomes much easier for you to identify the one that will suit you the most. When it comes to nuts, for example, some of the commonly used styles you will come across include:

  • The Advantages Of Plating Fasteners

    When ordering fasteners, it is important to get all the details right. When you consult a high quality vendor, you will find that they will not simply sell the screws or bolts you need without asking any questions. Most of them will want more detail rather than the basics such as the size of the fasteners. This is because there are many aspects that can be changed depending on how you are going to use them. Making sure that you optimize this will increase the chances of getting good value for money.

  • How To Choose Between Fully And Partially Threaded Bolts

    At some point in time when you are thinking of using fasteners such as aluminum  hex head cap screws or steel hex nuts and bolts, you will be confronted with the decision on which type you should pick. Typically, most people end up finding this a difficult thing to do particularly if they have not considered the vast range of options available to them or the exact reasons why they are getting the fasteners in the first place. However, if you are clear about these, it will be very easy for you to avoid being confused by the variety.

    Some decisions might initially seem simple, but may need technical expertise. One of these is whether you should get partially threaded or fully threaded bolts. It is not advisable for you to simply choose to use one or the other, but to first address the reasons why you are getting the fasteners in the first place.

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