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  • Mistakes You Should Avoid When Using Stainless Steel Fasteners

    The use of stainless steel fasteners is quite popular because of their excellent corrosion-resistant and recyclable properties. They offer resistance against any level of usage severity and have great load-bearing characteristics in both hot and cold weather. However, if these fasteners are not handled properly; it may bring damage to the entire setup. Here are few mistakes you certainly cannot afford to make when using stainless steel fasteners.

  • Do You Need Fasteners For Mounting Solar Panels?

    Solar panels absorb the sun’s rays and use them to create a source of energy which leads to generation of heat and electricity. These can either be installed on the roof or in an open ground which receives direct sunlight. The most vital thing is the tilt of the panel, so that the surface can be exposed to maximum rays.

    Depending upon the configuration of mounting a solar panel, there are different types of fasteners required to firmly hold the structure in order to resist any structural bend under extreme conditions. Reliability and stability of the mounting fasteners cannot be comprised, especially when the setup in question is a solar panel.

  • Harnessing Wind Energy: Why Bolt Selection Is Paramount

    Wind energy is fast becoming one of the most popular forms of energy in many parts of the world. In fact, in some countries, it has become the number one source of power for the populations. The fact that wind is one of the cleanest sources of energy means that in the foreseeable future, one can expect even more countries to consider setting up wind farms for power production.

    One of the critical forms of infrastructure that is needed for doing this is the fasteners which include nuts and bolts for example. It’s important that high quality fasteners are chosen for such a project, since they will determine a lot including:

  • When Is The Best Time To Opt For Self-Locking Fasteners?

    self locking fasteners when to use

    When you are shopping around for fasteners, one of the types that you are likely to run into are the self-locking ones. These can be variants of the normal types of fasteners such as the Monel 500 carriage bolts or the Hastelloy C276 hex tap bolts. However, they have the distinctive characteristic of being self-locking, which means that they can’t be used for just any application. There are a number of scenarios where the use of such fasteners is particularly effective, as they offer superior performance compared to other types of fasteners. Examples of these scenarios include:

  • Solar Panel Installation: The Importance Of Using The Correct Fasteners

     solar panel fasteners

    Today, most of the world is turning to the use of renewable energy such as solar power. If you are interested in reducing the impact that your lifestyle has on the environment, you could consider buying a few solar panels and installing them in a residential or commercial setting. Even if they can’t power everything in a building, the use of solar panels can significantly reduce power usage in the facility.

    For instance, you can use it to power the lights as well as other light appliances, thus reducing your dependence on the national grid. The best thing is that since this is a free resource, you won’t need to pay for the power as a recurring charge.

  • The Challenges You Are Likely To Face When Fastening Composite Materials

    In current times, there has been a lot of interest in the use of composite materials in the design of all manner of things from electronics to cars. The rationale behind this is that such materials tend to be much easier to work with, are more environmentally friendly and tend to have ideal physical qualities such as being very light yet very strong. For this reason, a large number of manufacturing industries are now exploring ways of using them to manufacture various products.

  • Quality Practices You Should Implement When Using Fasteners

    Whenever you are interested in using fasteners for large or small scale applications, it’s always wise to ensure that you use the best you can get for that particular application. This basically means that you should incorporate quality practices in any decision making process you involve yourself in when in this position. This does a lot more than simply reducing the rate of failure of the fasteners you use. It will also have an influence on the overall quality of the product you are putting together, and may even make it more pleasant to use. When deciding on using fasteners such as an Inconel hex tap bolt or a monel 500 hex head cap screw, some of the quality practices you might need to keep in mind include:

  • How Galvanic Corrosion Occurs And How You Can Protect Your Fasteners From It

    If you run an industry where you have to use a large number of fasteners for any reason, it’s always important to pay attention to how you use them to reduce the chances of complications. Whether you are making products for industrial or retail use, a high incidence of fastener failure is something that can eventually erode the trust that clients have in your products. In the end, you might end up losing all your business.

    One of the specific issues you need to address is how to ensure that the fasteners you use will not corrode over time. There are many ways in which this can happen, but one of the most commonly seen is galvanic corrosion. This typically occurs when you use fasteners such as 316 stainless steel hex nuts without preparing them first.

  • The Different Ways Of Testing Torque In Fasteners

    When you are using any types of fasteners, one of the most important things you can do is ensuring that the amount of torque used to put them in place is just enough. Usually, tightening the fasteners too much can result in exceeding of the tolerances of the fastener. For instance, you may end up stripping some of the threads on a screw, making it ineffective. If the forces acting on the metal exceed its plastic limit, it means that it may end up stretching and not recoiling back to its original size, which in turn means that it will not hold the structure together.

  • Which Fasteners Are Best For An Electrical Substation?

    In any electrical installation, the quality of the fasteners used is usually a very good indicator of the performance of the facility as a whole. For instance, when you are designing an electrical substation, you might want to pay attention to the types of bolts and nuts that are used to keep everything in place. Varieties such as the Titanium hex tap bolts and Inconel center lock nuts are usually some of the best you can use.

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