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  • Liberate Your Home with Alternative Energy Sources

    Although many home owners are seeking out alternative energy sources in order to make their homes earth friendly there are other reasons to use them, as well.  Many home owners just want to be more self-sufficient.  They want to have less need to rely on others for the energy that is needed to run their homes and alternative energy sources are a great way to do that. These alternative energy sources still require fasteners such as Heavy Hex Screws, Heavy Hex Bolts, Hex Cap Screws or Tek Screws to name a few.

    With a minimal investment, home owners are learning that they can provide their home with all the energy that is needed to run their homes by using solar energy or wind energy.  These energy sources are not only great for the environment but they are renewable and they are reliable.  Alternative energy sources are providing many homes with a consistent source of energy that home owners can maintain on their own.

    By using alternative energy sources, homeowners do not have to worry about high utility bills anymore.  Unreliable electricity and rolling brown outs cease to be a cause for concern.  Downed power lines and blown transformers will not cause power interruptions in their home because they have their own sources of energy.  With alternative energy sources that can be built on their own property, home owners are experiencing free, clean and reliable energy that they have control of.

    Home owners could spend upwards of $10,000 to buy a commercial power generator but that is not necessary.  A power generator that is for your own family can be built by the home owner for around $200 and the materials can be purchased from any hardware supplier.  If you build your own alternative energy source you can control where it is installed.

    Some families only want an alternative power source to supplement their existing power supply and others want to get completely off the grid and become self-sufficient.  The purpose will determine the size of power generator that home owners need to build.  It’s easier to become completely self-sufficient than you might think though.  A couple of wind turbines and a few solar panels that are placed strategically can supply you with all the energy that you need to run your home.

    Once you have built your alternative energy sources you will find that they are very easy to maintain.  Every couple months you will need to do some routine maintenance that include oiling and lubricating the moving parts.  You will also need to clean the solar panels if that is part of your energy source.  Make sure that the nuts and bolts that hold your energy sources together are tight and secure and not showing signs of wear.  Really, this is no more time consuming than having traditional energy sources except that you are in control.

    Being able to supply your home with your own energy is a liberating feeling.  While others are complaining about power outages you will be able to enjoy your own power source.  Lower bills and the satisfaction of knowing that you are contributing to the environmental stability are just a few of the benefits of using alternative energy sources.

  • Fasteners are Unique and Have Purpose

    If you look around you will see that Building Fasteners, Line Fasteners, Marine Fasteners and other types of fasteners are used in many things that are used in our daily life.  Although these components are small, they are necessary for many types of equipment.  There are different classifications and specification to sort them out and each has its own purpose.

    Threaded Fasteners

    One type of fastener that you are likely to come across often is threaded fasteners.  They can have a non-tapered shank or a tapered shank.  You can use them to drive into a pilot hole within a substrate or directly into a substrate.  Non-tapered shanks are usually paired up with a nut or other mate and then driven into the tapered hole.

    There are different types of tapered shanks as well.  Coach/lag screws, wood screws, concrete screws – these are just a few of the types.  A coach screw is designed to securely fasten wood to concrete or masonry or to fasten heavy timbers to one another.  They have an unthreaded shank and a hexagonal drive head.  Concrete screws can also be used for fastening metal, wood, or other materials to masonry or concrete.  Self-drilling screws are often used with soft steel or other metals and have drill shaped points that cut through the material so that there is no need for a pilot hole.

    Non-threaded Fasteners

    Non-threaded fasteners come in many different varieties as well.  You will find socket cap screws, elevator bolts, hex bolts, carriage bolts, and many others.  Carriage bolts (also called coach bolts) have a countersunk head and a square section that is typically made of wood.  It grips into the part that is being fixed and prevents the bold from turning further.  Each type of non-tapered fasteners has its own characteristics that are designed for different purposes.

    These small materials are very important as fasteners.  They contribute to the security and stability of the final product.  Learning about the types of fasteners helps you to be more efficient at building quality products.  Each fastener has a purpose and a use that is utilized to its full capacity to ensure that products are able to do what they are intended to do.

  • Fasteners are Part of Your Everyday Life

    Nuts and bolts are holding your world together – did you know that?  Vehicles have engines that are held together by nuts and bolts.  Your kitchen appliances are held together by nuts and bolts.  Fasteners are everywhere and without them many parts of your world would literally fall apart! There are all kinds of Fasteners such as Line Fasteners, Marine Fasteners, Building Fasteners and other types, the same applies for nuts and bolts such as Heavy Hex Bolts.

    Types of Fasteners

    There are many different types of fasteners and they all have different purposes.  Nuts and bolts are among the most common and they, too, have many different types and purposes.  They are made from different types of metals and have different levels of strengths.  One of the main concerns when it comes to nuts and bolts is rust.  Rust can deteriorate fasteners to the point that they are no longer strong enough to suit their purposes so it is important to find nuts and bolts that are rust resistant.

    Mixing some metals together can result in a weak magnetic force and this can encourage the formation of rust.  A scale of oxidization determines how fast metals will rust.  The scale runs from a low likelihood to high likelihood of rust formation and the scale is determined by the kinds of metals that are used.

    Alloys that have different strengths of oxidization and temperature control are two of the factors that determine the strength of stainless steel.  About 80% of fasteners that are created from one type of alloy and are considered to be all purpose fit for the majority of fasteners make up the 9 separate alloys of stainless steel.  An invisible coat of oxidization is what makes stainless steel resistant to rust.  This invisible coating protects the nuts and bolts from temperature, moistness, and other environmental factors.

    The Manufacturing Process

    In the manufacturing process, steel particles that are very fine are attracted to the fasteners.  This inhibits staining of the steel.  When the particles are removed with an acid wash they then separate from the fasteners.  When they are exposed to air again, the invisible oxidation layer makes the stainless steel stainless.

    Processes that make nuts and bolts stronger, stain resistant, and rust resistant make the products you build them with more efficient.  They last longer and stay together better.  In a way, you could say that nuts and bolts are holding your world together!

  • 5 Tips to Make Ordering Bolts Easier

    When you have to order Heavy Hex Bolts or another type of bolt but do not have the correct information available to ensure that you get the correct fasteners it can be confusing.  Those who deal with Building Fasteners on a regular basis can often figure out what they need based on other information but if you do not order fasteners such as Line Fasteners, Marine Fasteners or other fasteners or have a lot of knowledge about them you need help.

    Things to Remember When Ordering Bolts

    If you are ordering bolts for the first time here is some information that will guide you to getting the correct fasteners:

    1. Dimensions:  Remember that the length and diameter has a big effect on the cost and usefulness of the bolt.  The heavier the bolt, the more expensive it will be.  The length and diameter affect what projects the bolt can be used in.
    2. Grade:  There are many grades that bolts can have and that will impact not only the cost but also the usefulness of the bolt.  The cost changes according to what the bolts are made of.  Some grades have additional special testing or heat treating.  The grade will help determines what kinds of projects the bolts are best used for.
    3. Length of Thread:  Some people believe there is a “standard thread length” for bolts but this is not true.  The thread length will affect the amount of strength that the bolt is able to handle so it is important to understand what length of thread is required for your project.
    4. Domestic Requirements:  Are you working on a government or military project or a state highway project?  If you are you should be aware that many projects of this type require that all materials be American made.  Domestic products are often more expensive than imported products.  Make sure that they are domestic if it is required by your project but also make sure that they are strong, quality products.
    5. Special Testing and Certification:  Suppliers vary in their policies regarding how products are tested for strength.  Make sure that the testing of products is in compliance with ASSHTO, SAE, or ASTM specifications.  If needed, addition certification or special testing can be provided if you request it.
  • Melfast Website

    Melfast Inc. is excited to unveil it's brand new website. The new site marks a move toward embracing technology at Melfast. The highlights of the site include:

    • About Us - Learn about Melfast.. our history, what the company stands for, how we view our customers and what we promise to deliver. We'll also post pictures of our staff and facilities so you can get a peak into our operations.
    • Products - What good is a fastener distributor if you don't know the products we carry? Browse through our product catalog either by Product Category or Industry. Take it a step further by clicking on the products to see its Categories, Industries, Materials and Platings.
    • Custom Quotes - Can't find what you're looking for under Products or have a customized product you're specifically looking for? Click on Custom Quotes and talk with us about special order items.
    • Contact Us - Send us a request for more information, send a digital hello, or get directions to pop in.
    • Employee Directory - All the names, phone numbers and emails you'll ever need to know when it comes to getting in touch with the right person at Melfast.
    • Ordering - Get the paperwork out of the way ahead of time by downloading our Credit Application and Tax Certificates.
    • Returns - Melfast tries to make returns & refunds as simple a process as ordering. Head to our RA Request form and fill out all required information. Someone will contact you to process your return.

    Melfast couldn't have been more pleased with how the website turned out, which we owe to the credit of DigitalXBridge Consulting. We highly recommend them for any website or application design and development!

    -- Larry Melone
    President, Melfast Inc.

  • 25th Anniversary

    August 2010 marked 25 years that Melfast has been in business...

    Melfast 25th Anniversary - Family Shot Melfast 25th Anniversary - Family Shot
    Melfast 25th Anniversary Melfast 25th Anniversary

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