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  • Mistakes You Should Avoid When Using Stainless Steel Fasteners

    The use of stainless steel fasteners is quite popular because of their excellent corrosion-resistant and recyclable properties. They offer resistance against any level of usage severity and have great load-bearing characteristics in both hot and cold weather. However, if these fasteners are not handled properly; it may bring damage to the entire setup. Here are few mistakes you certainly cannot afford to make when using stainless steel fasteners.

  • Simple Tricks To Reduce Fastener Wastage In A Manufacturing Plant

    reduce fastener wastage

    In the manufacturing industry, one of the things you have to keep an eye on is reducing the costs of doing any manufacturing. This often increases the competitiveness of the facility, and is therefore something that is definitely worth pursuing.

    Unfortunately, there are many issues that usually need to be sorted out when doing this, one of which is making sure that you minimize the loss attributable to fastener loss and damage. Remember that though fasteners such as Inconel center lock nuts and alloy 20 hex tap bolts might seem like minor parts of the manufacturing process, they can actually result in a major loss if they are not used properly.

  • Effective Ways To Remove Stripped Screws

    removing stripped screws

    If you regularly work with hardware, one of the problems you are likely to run into at some point in time is finding that your screws become stripped. This can happen when you are putting them in place, as well as when you are getting them out as well. Working with stripped screws can be very frustrating, since the removal of the threads has the potential to make the work much harder to handle.

  • What You Need To Know About Magnetism And Stainless Steel Fasteners

    magnetism and fasteners

    One of the major misconceptions about using 316 stainless steel hex tap bolts and 18-8 Stainless Steel hex lag bolts is the fact that most people think that they are not magnetic. This is because generally speaking, not all types of steel are considered magnetic. This can create a number of problems when you are thinking of using fasteners. In some settings, the effect of magnetism on the fasteners is an important consideration when choosing them.

  • What You Need To Know About Hydrogen Embrittlement And Fasteners

    fastener hydrogen embrittlement

    When you are interested in buying fasteners such as Inconel hex head cap screws or Monel 400 hex tap bolts, one of the most important things you would need to account for is the performance of the fasteners. This is important since it determines how long they will last before needing any replacement, and also how long the product you are fastening will last.

    It is always a prudent measure to ensure that you understand the different ways in which the fasteners can be damaged, so that you can get ones that will resist this. One of the categories of damage that you definitely need to be familiar with is hydrogen embrittlement.

  • The Role Of Heat Treatment In Fastener Use

    When you want to use fasteners such as Hastelloy C276 cap nuts, it is normally necessary to ensure that they are suitably prepared for the application they will be used for. The strategies you will use for such preparation depend on many things including the type of fastener you are using, what it’s made of and the environment you will be using it. However, it’s always apparent that making the necessary preparations will have an influence in increasing the longevity of the joint that you make using the fasteners, and will also go a long way in optimizing the overall quality of the item you are putting together.

  • Quality Practices You Should Implement When Using Fasteners

    Whenever you are interested in using fasteners for large or small scale applications, it’s always wise to ensure that you use the best you can get for that particular application. This basically means that you should incorporate quality practices in any decision making process you involve yourself in when in this position. This does a lot more than simply reducing the rate of failure of the fasteners you use. It will also have an influence on the overall quality of the product you are putting together, and may even make it more pleasant to use. When deciding on using fasteners such as an Inconel hex tap bolt or a monel 500 hex head cap screw, some of the quality practices you might need to keep in mind include:

  • How Galvanic Corrosion Occurs And How You Can Protect Your Fasteners From It

    If you run an industry where you have to use a large number of fasteners for any reason, it’s always important to pay attention to how you use them to reduce the chances of complications. Whether you are making products for industrial or retail use, a high incidence of fastener failure is something that can eventually erode the trust that clients have in your products. In the end, you might end up losing all your business.

    One of the specific issues you need to address is how to ensure that the fasteners you use will not corrode over time. There are many ways in which this can happen, but one of the most commonly seen is galvanic corrosion. This typically occurs when you use fasteners such as 316 stainless steel hex nuts without preparing them first.

  • The Best Plating Techniques For Fasteners

    When you are buying fasteners, one of the things you will usually need to think about is the type of plating used for them, and whether or not it will suit your needs. Plating is a process where a thin film of another metal is placed on the surface of the fastener. The main goal of doing this is to ensure that the fastener ends up getting anti-corrosive properties. In order to do this, the metal used to coat the fastener needs to have such chemical properties.

    In addition to that, the other main reason to get such a fastener is for aesthetic reasons. Some metals used to make fasteners tend to change color with time due to oxidation. By having them coated with a different metal that resists this, you can ensure that they last longer without losing their luster.

    There are different ways in which this type of plating can be done, and each has its own pros and cons. Some of the most important of these include:

  • The Different Ways Of Testing Torque In Fasteners

    When you are using any types of fasteners, one of the most important things you can do is ensuring that the amount of torque used to put them in place is just enough. Usually, tightening the fasteners too much can result in exceeding of the tolerances of the fastener. For instance, you may end up stripping some of the threads on a screw, making it ineffective. If the forces acting on the metal exceed its plastic limit, it means that it may end up stretching and not recoiling back to its original size, which in turn means that it will not hold the structure together.

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