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Most Commonly Used Nut Styles

When you need to use fasteners such as Inconel hex nuts and nitronic 50 flat washers, the last thing you should get wrong is the type of fastener you end up getting. Many people end up making a mistake when it comes to this simply because they do not correlate the products they are buying to the task they want to use them for. It is very important for you to first figure out the application for which you will be using the fasteners, and then getting a fastener type that will suit it and not the other way round.

When you go shopping for fasteners such as bolts and nuts, you will always find that there are many different types available for your needs. When you have in mind the types of applications you want to use them for, it becomes much easier for you to identify the one that will suit you the most. When it comes to nuts, for example, some of the commonly used styles you will come across include:

choosing a nut style for fastening

Acorn nuts

These are also known as cap nuts. They are designed in such a manner that one end of the nut is covered by a dome, keeping the screw covered. They are most commonly used as nuts for car wheels. When you intend to use these types of nuts, it’s important to make sure that you know the length of the screw that will protrude above the nut. This should not be much higher than the total height of the dome, otherwise it will be difficult to put the nut in place.

Square nuts

The most notable feature of this type of nut is the fact that they have a square body, rather than a round or six sided one. These types of nuts are most commonly used to fasten small items, such as during electrical installation. The fact that they are small also means that they are usually ideal for use in tight spaces as well.

Wing nuts

These types of nuts have wing like structures protruding from the surface of the body. They are designed this way to make it easier for one to fasten or undo them by hand. For this reason, these nuts are usually applied in cases where one anticipates regular removal and re insertion. The downside to these nuts is the fact that they are usually  not applicable in heavy duty work, since they are usually not strong enough to withstand large forces.

Weld nut

These are designed to have a flat sheet protruding from the surface of the nut. As the name implies, they are usually put in place and then welded. For this reason, these are considered to be permanent nuts.

These are just a few of the nut types you can encounter when you go shopping. There are many more rare ones, and you could even ask a vendor to make a custom made design for you if this is necessary. Knowing about the common ones makes it easier for you to pick the one that will suit you well.


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