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Top Four Benefits of Using a Square Nut

Advantages Of Using A Square Nut

Nuts and bolts come in a wide range of shapes and designs, including the commonly used hex shape. Using a square nut (along with a square head bolt) provides quite a few advantages in certain applications, from railway lines to electronics and construction projects.

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Here are the top four benefits this less popular nut shape:

Benefit # 1 – Easy To Tighten

Because of the four-sided shape, square nuts and square headed bolts are very simple to tighten. Your tool simply grips two opposite sides to tighten and loosen these fasteners, as opposed to fitting snugly onto a hex shaped head.

Using a simple grip or pinch on this nut may not provide adequate strength when working with an older or corroded fastener. But most often this simple method of installation and retraction proves to be a benefit.

Benefit # 2 – Quick Gauge

When measuring the position of nuts, the square shape also acts as a quick gauge. Railroad laborers found this especially beneficial, since a properly tightened square head bolt and square nut would sit parallel to railroad ties. If the nut or bolt head was at an angle, it needed to be tightened further. This quick visual gauge makes for simple inspections and reduces the risk of fastener failure on many different applications

Benefit # 3 – Perfect For Blind Locations

Square nuts can be tightened with pliers or a wrench, making them ideal for use in blind locations. Laborers can tighten and loosen a square shaped fastener without having it in sight, as long as a sturdy grip can be obtained on two opposing sides of the nut or bolt head.

Benefit # 4 – Perfect For Tight Locations

For the same reasons stated above, the square nut and square head bolt are ideal for use in tight locations. Needle nosed pliers have an extended reach for working with tight or narrow confines, and the use of square shaped fasteners makes sense when this type of tool is used to tighten and loosen the joint. This principle works well in electronics, where tiny spaces are filled with small square head bolts and square nuts.

When your application calls for efficiency and adaptability, consider using a square shaped fastener such as the square nut. Take advantage of these benefits and discover a world beyond the common hex nut.


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